Waterproof Traviloc Allure Vinyl Flooring is here to stay this Traviloc Allure Vinyl Flooring uses the no glue system that will leave no odor after installation. The Unclick glue less installation system is quick and easy. The best part of Taviloc Allure Vinyl Flooring is that it is 100% moist resistant so it is the perfect match for your bathrooms and kitchens as well as the rest of your home. Also the Traviloc Allure Vinyl Floor has no need for expansion joints, therefore is gives you complete floor coverage.

The dramatic deep embossed surface adds character and warmth to any room either commercial or residential. Traviloc Allure Vinyl Flooring carries a 5 year commercial warranty and a 25 year residential warranty. The product is completely waterproof and is also quiet underfoot. No heavy tools are required when installing, no underlay is required and expansion joints are not necessary.