Kahrs is one of stories of success.

A company that have been in business for longer than 150 years and are still in operation, wow that is a brilliant accomplishment.  Kahrs have stood the test of time that is why they are the correct flooring product for your home. Read on and see why I say so and all Exact Floorings clients for whom we have done installations for not only in Pretoria East but the complete Gauteng area

The Kahrs History

Kährs was started by Johan Kahrs in 1857. He had a small turning shop that produced small wooden articles to local farming community. In Sweden the company biggest assist is there rich heritage.  

Kahrs Innovations

With passion for their work delivers innovations that they have achieved over the years. If you have succeeded in one item then nothing stop you to do the next. This is the success story that Exact Flooring admires about Kahrs wooden floors. 

The inventions behind the Kahrs success

1941 Gustaf Kahr (Third generation from the founder Johan) was working on a door that does not warp because of different climate conditions. After finding a success with a multilayer door the concept was carried over to wooden flooring. This concept is still used in all engineered wooden flooring seventy years later. Because of this Kahrs can give you a stable floor to install in your home. It is because of fact this fact that Exact Flooring   prefers installing Kahrs Engineered wooden floors above sold wooden floors because you have a product warranty that your floors will stay intact through all seasons

1958 The first factory-lacquered floor Because wood requires a high degree of precision when manufacture it were of great importance that Kahrs found an manner to produce a semi-finished floor(semi finished means only needs to be installed)no sanding or smelly sealants needs to be used in your home. This was achieved in 1958. To view engineered wooden floors that have  been installed VIEW OUR GALLERY

1995 Linnea  Making a 7mm veneer floor that looked like that 15mm engineered floor were  truly a great success for Kahrs and is currently the most popular floor that Exact Flooring installs in our clients homes. It is a very hard floor because of its High Density Board The Linnea Veneer floor can be used in all the areas were the thicker 15mm Engineered Wooden floors can be used but at almost half the cost. Have a look what are on Specials go to DISCOUNTED SPECIALS


2004 Activity Floor were created The new sports floor. Kahrs developed a sprung floor that can be laid much quicker over bigger areas



2010 Wood loc 5S were launched. This new Wood lock 5S that is only found in the 15mm range floors has once again made the lock system stronger and faster to install give you a better investment in your home


Wood Floors and Ecology

Kahrs wood comes from all over the world and Kahrs would like to keep all the frost in place for our children children’s to see what wood forest look like. Therefore Kahrs only purchase timber from members of the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO). All members of the organization have pledged to work towards ecological forestry. When purchasing tropical timber we also endeavour to purchase raw materials from responsibly managed forests. Suppliers will be chosen principally from those who hold an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programmed for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certificate or are able to demonstrate that they operate environmentally aware timber procurement

NOW that you know more about Kahrs - you know that you can use their product with ease of mind in your home as so many others has done in

Understanding the history of Kahrs, you the end user know your home can not be without Kahrs and that is why we at Exact Flooring like make CONTACT WITH US

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