Balterio Laminated Flooring

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What does Balterio stand for?

Quality – Balterio believes in ultra high quality material together with the best craftsmanship enabling the best produced laminated flooring to offer. This is why these floors are so idealistic to be used in commercial and domestic applications

Harmony with nature – A great character of Balterio is their believe in green forestry – every tree that has been felled, a new tree has been planted, ensuring a great future to come.

Simplicity , easy installation and maintenance – Balterio locking systems have been designed to make the installations quickly and less effort makes less time that the installation teams have to spend in your homes. The sealed surfaces ensure you spend less time cleaning

Style – you deserve various styles that you can choose from – this is exactly what Balterio laminated floors offers you – you can choose a highly durable laminated floor that you can choose that reflects your character the best.


Balterio Laminated floors warranty’s from a lifetime domestic to 15 years commercial warranty’s – proving quality is an important factor for them.

There products offer

  • Wear resistance – Balterio Laminated floors have an aluminium Oxide wear surface on top making it very durable to walk on
  • Impact resistance – High quality High Density Fibre (HDF) boards are used to manufacture Balterio laminated floors making it impact resistant
  • Cigarette Proof – Balterio Laminated floors are manufactured in a heated fussing process – thus your fallen cigarette will have no effect to it
  • Dimensional Stability – Balterio high quality HDF boards ensure that your floor boards will not warp
  • Slip resistance – Balterio engineers have done research to improve the slip resistance on these floors  
  • Embrace the Future are Balterio objective to combine ecological, social and economical interest in a profitable manner. This means reduce waist , recycle and re-use were possible
  • Balterio Laminate revolutionary locking systems – Click-X-press, Drop-X-press and Press-X-press makes their installation joints secure and ease of mind.
  • Balterio offers a huge range styles and effects for you the client to choose from 

€‹For more general informaton about all types of floors vist THE INFOMATION PAGE 


         Innovative techniques 


o   Hand scraped effect

o   True to nature

o   Chrome Zone

o   3D Wood effect


Natural wood look alike top surface effects

o   Soft touch Mat

o   Brushed structure

o   Genuine Wood Structure

o   Wood Grain Structure

o   Fine Wood Grain Structure


  Different sizes


A - Extra Long & Wide Planks

B - Short & Wide Planks

C  - Standard Size Planks

D - Narrow Size Planks


The different collections are


These floors are much longer and wider than the norm, 2039mm X 238mm laminated floors, together with the unique Chrome Zone and True  to Nature Touch top surface effect and 4 sided V-groove, this is the laminated floor destined for only the top designer homes. Balterio offers 25 year domestic and 12 year commercial warranties on this floor


These floors are also the same dimensions than the Balterio Grandeur range 2039mm x 238mm in size. The top high quality surface has the 3D Wood effect together with the 4 sided V-groove to give a real authentic wooden floor effect. The PressXpress locking system makes the installation effortless. Balterio offers 25 year domestic and 12 year commercial warranties on this floor


Some laminated floors stands out far superior than others Balterio Magnitude Laminated floors is such a range you have a normal size laminated floor board and this is where the normality ends. The top wear surface with its True to Nature grain has been enhanced with Balterio Chrome Zone effect making the pores shiny in the mat flooring surface , with the micro bevelled sides creating extra depth in your room. Balterio offers 25 year domestic and 12 year commercial warranties on this floor. Vist the specials section for BEST PRICED FLOORS 

Tradition Sapphire

If you were looking for a more traditional vintage looking high quality laminated floor, then Balterio Tradition Sapphire collection is meant for you. In a normal size laminated floor board Balterio has created a spectacular looking authentically wooden floor. It has a unique hand scraped top surface with random 4 sided V-groove that brings a natural authentic look into your home or office. Balterio offers 25 year domestic and 12 year commercial warranties on this floor

Tradition Quattro

Balterio did not forget the traditional natural wood effect looking floors. This collection gives an effect of authentic parquet style with its 4 side V-groove effect Balterio offers 25 year domestic and 12 year commercial warranties on this floor


In a normal size length laminated floor board and extra width Balterio has created a winning formula. The Laminated floor boards have a 2 sided V-groove, together the natural brushed structure creates an eternity effect in your home / office. Balterio offers a 25 year domestic and 12 year commercial warranties on this floor. To have view these floors insalled please visit our GALLERY 

These are only a few of the different collections that are available to you.

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