Exact Flooring offers you blinds that are manufactured IN South
Africa at the highest standards. We are proud of the high quality products that are to be installed in your home/offices

We have a wide range in texture, style, different widths and material to choose from. We do market research to ensure that the products that are presented by our trained sales staff are the best quality to offer in your home

Exact Flooring has been in operational since 2005 and has a proven track record of quality, durability and value for money. It’s our believe that the service we render should be of such high standard that you will have all the right information that you can make the right choose of blinds that will suite your requirements

Feel free to MAIL EXACTFLOORING or call us on 0824446660 to arrange for a consultant to come with required samples to you. Should you have the measurements available you are welcome to mail the to us for an “ESTIMATED” quote. Once the estimate has been accepted we will free of charge re-measure the areas in concern and help you to choose your preferred colour

The products are available to choose from

  • Basswood (Wooden blinds 25mm 50mm)
  • Plaswood Blinds (25mm 50mm)
  • Venetian Blinds (25mm 35mm 50mm)
  • Vertical Blinds (90mm 125mm)
  • Aluminium Blinds (25mm 35mm 50mm)
  • Bamboo Blinds  and Panels
  • Roller blinds
  • Outside Blinds
  • Motorised Blinds
  • Roman Blinds
  • Shutters
  • Panel blinds


Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have for years been associated with only offices. Exact Flooring has many styles and colours that would amaze you. Yes you can control the mount of sunlight entering the room by tilting the blinds (open close by turning them sideways) or you can move the blinds completely to side of the rail. Vertical Blinds does not have any metal in any mechanism making them rust proof. Vertical Fabric blinds can cover large windows and doors; this makes vertical fabric blinds the perfect solution to your patio door enabling easy access. The blinds can be staked from left to right or from the centre of the blind fully customized to your requirements. Choosing from Exact Flooring blind fabrics on offer you can pre-decide what amount to light you will allow through depending on the sunlight factor (density of the fabric). Some material have a lined back side that will block all the sun light which makes it great for watching TV in the afternoons. In the winter months keeping the vertical blinds closed will keep more heat in the rooms and again in the summer keeping the blinds open will allow better ventilation to lower the room temperatures. Stitch bonded fabrics make vertical blinds more affordable, however for a slight increase in price, attractive woven fabrics can make for beautiful vertical blinds which decorate and complement a space. It is usually worth the extra cost to go for the better quality woven fabrics, and take advantage of the better quality long lasting fabric that woven vertical fabric blinds has to offer Exact Flooring does free quotations, for more information please EMAIL US  One of the biggest advantages is the low maintenance on vertical blinds, because vertical blinds hang vertical almost no dust is collected on the blinds. Note that different vertical blinds fabrics need different methods of cleaning. Exact Flooring offers you vertical blinds that clip off from the rail make wiping them or washing them so much easier. The biggest advantage of our vertical blinds is that we can print your company logo or picture on them. YES that right did you wanted that special finish for your office. CONTACT US for more information


Venetian Blinds


Venetian Blinds are by far the most popular choice to decorate windows in today’s modern offices/homes. Before ordering your Venetian blinds you need to know what you want to accomplish with the blinds you want to purchase. What COLOR/STYLE DESIGN you will require to add in the exciting environment. What blinds will give me the most privacy that you want to acquire. Venetian blinds also known as horizontal blinds are horizontal slates that are strung on top off one another. Changing the non metal mechanism you tilt the angel of the states thus allowing more or less light into the room. This also allows your privacy in your room once the blinds have been closed totally = no one will be able to view what is happing inside that window (not applicable with perforated aluminium blinds).The lift cord will allow you to control the height how high you want to lift up the blind. The various colours and styles available we can accommodate all styles off homes/offices form classic real wood blinds to modern aluminium slate styles. Venetian blinds is quick to install, but make sure they are installed correctly so that all warranty’s are intact – as soon as they have been installed they are ready to be used Exact Flooring has the best priced options available on venetian blinds yes the 50mm Bass wood blinds are the most popular with its 100% wooden effect (Bass wood is the most stable and affordable wooden fabric to be use for blinds), we offer also Aluminium Venetian blinds that are better priced. The last mentioned has a huge range of colours and styles to suite all environments

Make sure that sales consultant knows how to measure each window as no widows are 100% the same. this will cause your blinds no to hang correctly or will not operate correctly


Roller Blinds 

Roller Blinds have been traditionally used in office widows, but with some  restyling and newer fabric designs especially bamboo roller blinds has made them more acceptable in homes. In South Africa blinds have taken earthier (green) look moving away from hard non-personal cold designs. Roller blinds also know as pull down blinds can be customized to your requirements. When blinds are pulled down – not all the way down you have limited light entering your window but not the privacy you might require. Exact Flooring offers you Bottom Up Roller blinds that pulls from the bottom upwards that allows privacy in the room and the amount of light required in the room. You give us your requirements for your room and our trained consultant will advise you what blinds will fulfil your needs the best. EMAIL US for more information on what you want your blinds to achieve in your home If your Roller Blinds are made from the correct material it will BLOCK OUT the sun rays completely – this will depend on your requirements – we have your solution for you Make sure you ask you consultant how to clean you newly installed Roller Blinds Bamboo Roller Blinds rolls up like a sleeping bag, the slates are very thin as match stick size up to straw thickness for hassles manoeuvrings rolled up and down. Different patterns and styles will offer your different lightning and privacy in your home

Make sure to ask your sales consultant want are the difference between face fit and recess blinds- for more information PLEASE EMAIL US

Blindquip 50mm Basswood blinds are suitable for your office and home requirements  

Exact Flooring have a wide selection blinds available- this 50mm perforated blind is moist suitable for kitchens BUT not for bedrooms Make sure to visit out SPECIALS

Blindquip 50mm Aluminum blinds are most suitable for high moist areas like kitchens and bathrooms – you are welcome to visit our PRODUCTS page for other products  

Blindquip 50mm Basswood Blinds you have 100% control how much light you want to allow to come into the window. For a consultant to give a free quote JUST SEND US A MAIL  

Blindquip 25mm Aluminum blinds is ideal for smaller windows. The 25mm Venetian has a huge color range available for you. For more pictures on laminated floors use CLICK HERE 

Blindquip 127MM / 90MM Vertical blinds are easy to operate in comparison to basswood blinds- Simply pulling the string you control the amount of light the comes through.

Blindquip 50mm Basswood blinds keep the heat in, in the winter and out in the summer. For more information please liaise with our SALES STAFF

Blindquip 127mm Vertical Blinds light weight and durable that will last you many happy years