Quickstep Parquet Engineered Wooden Floors 
Welkom to the Quickstep Hardwood Parquet engineered wooden floors

There are various styles available

All of these different styles mentioned above gives you various styles en texture to you home and office
Grading of Quick Step Parquet floors
Trees grows differently and different pieces of the tree looks different the different planks are all graded in to 4 different groups
Finesse Nature Marquant Character
They  have few and small knots, each none larger than 5 mm in diameter. The planks have a uniform colour, with only slight variations in structure. The knots in ‘Nature’ planks can be up to 20 mm in diameter and are slightly more numerous than in a ‘Finesse’ floor.Variations in colour and structure are allowed, but remain rather subtle These brightly coloured and structured planks will contain multiple knots with a maximum diameter of 50 mm. The result is a floor with a moderate ‘rustic’ character. Large and dark filled knots and cracks give a unique character to this category. Lively colour variations and vivid structures create a distinct rustic appearance

Quick-Step Parquet hardwood floors Texsture

Brushed effect Time Worn Look
A brushed surface gives any hardwood floor that beautiful natural grain texture, making it a real eye-catcher The authentic look and sloping aged edges are reminiscent of yesteryear, calling to mind images of a master carpenter carefully crafting every plank
Crafted Edges Saw Cuts
The Crafted edges, natural  looking worn dents added character to this style floors These rugged looking "unfinished "style of floors give your  home a hand crafted feel

To view more detail please visit http://www.quick-step.co.uk/Articles/Parquet-with-an-authentic-finish

What are in the board
1 )The top protection system layer will consist of either 7 layers of UV-cured water based lacquer that never required maintenance OR 2 layers of a high quality modified oiled that will create a extra mat finish  
2) The Face (wear) layer are chosen from a vast array of colours and structures 3) The core layer are the important stabilising layers that consist out of Hevea, Spruce of HDF material. This is the layer that take up most of the strain and stress of the floor 4)Veneer backing that are made from spruce or pine is prevents the floor from cupping or wrapping
If you want to see how Quickstep Parquet floors are made please visit the following link
 If you want to see how the Quickstep Enzio 5in1 Profile looks please
  VARIANO - 2200mmx190mmx14mm - Mix of 3Strip and 2Strip in one plank  
  Painted white oak oiled, multi-strip Champagne brut oak oiled, multi-strip Royal grey oak oiled, multi-strip Espresso Blend oak oiled, multi-strip
IMPERIO - 2200mmx220mmx14mm - 1 Strip Plank
Rough white oak oiled, planks Pure oak matt, planks Natural heritage oak oiled, planks
Caramel oak oiled, planks Nougat oak oiled, planks Rough grey oak oiled, planks
PALAZZO - 1820mm x 190mm x 14mm - 1Strip Planks 
White pepper oak oiled, planks Wengé oak silk, planks Vintage oak matt, planks Terra oak oiled, planks
Pure oak matt, planks Polar oak matt, planks Old grey oak matt, planks Natural noble oak satin
Natural heritage oak matt Limed grey oak matt, planks Honey oak oiled, planks Fossil oak matt, planks
Dune white oak oiled, planks Cottage oak matt, planks Chocolate oak oiled Champagne oak oiled,
Castello - 1820mm x 145mm x 14mm
Ivory white ash satin, planks Polar oak matt, planks Polar oak satin, planks Dune white oak oiled, planks
Whitewashed oak matt, Pure oak matt, planks Honey oak oiled, planks Natural noble oak satin
Natural heritage oak matt, Natural heritage oak satin, plan Merbau satin, planks Jatoba satin, planks
Mystic walnut satin, planks Noble walnut satin, planks Coffee brown oak matt Wengé oak silk, planks
Cappuccino oak oiled, planks Havana smoked oak matt Natural heritage oak matt, Natural noble oak matt

COMPACT 1820mm x 145mm x 14mm - 1 & 3 Strip

Oak cotton white matt Oak natural matt, planks Oak sand matt, planks
Oak taupe grey matt, planks Oak cotton white matt, 3 strip Oak natural matt, 3 strip
VILLA - 2200mm x 190mm x 14mm - Combinations of 2 & 3 strips per plank
Polar oak matt, 3 strip Whitewashed oak matt, 3 strip Pure oak matt, 3 strip
Natural noble oak matt, 3 strip Natural noble oak satin, 3 strip Merbau satin, 3 strip
Jatoba satin, 3 strip Walnut satin, 3 strip Havana smoked oak matt
  Wengé oak silk, 3 strip