Leno Click Vinyl Floors

The Leno Click vinyl floors are  truly a luxcury vinyl floors of note. The decor are intense filled with high quality detail. It's no wonder that these Leno Click Vinyl has been mistaken for real wooden floors. This is because of the In-Registered Embossed Surface (IRE) that means were you see a picture of  a knot that its 3 dimensionally engraved in the surface. Talking of the surface , it will last you many a years because of the ceramic beading wear layer (also the reason these floors are so popular in commercial installations). The various colours and style available to you, you will find the right colour for your needs. If you need more information please CLICK ON THIS EMAIL LINK


Here are more technical information for you


  • Total Thickness 5mm
  • Weight  17.10kg/box
  • Plank Size 1220 mm x 178mm x 8mm
  • Box = 1.74 sq ( 8pieces)
  • Wear layer - 0.55mm
  •  Surface Classification - Class 33
  •  Residential 20 years limited warranty and 10 year Commercial limited warranty
  • Manufactured from virgin plastic
  • Has a Cross Weaved fibreglass layer for product to increase stability
  • In-Registered Embossed surface
  • Sides are Mico beveled
  • Acoustic - DIN552210:4DB
  • Slip Resistance are great - En13893/ASTM C-1028 ADA
  • Chemical resistance confirms to the EN423 Standard
  • Toxic Elements - EN71 Parts 3 : Passed
  • VOC emotions - US EPA 5021A:2003 (sgs)

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