Waterproof Traviata Rigidcore Vinyl Flooring systems  

FirmFit 5mm

FirmFit 4.5mm Elegance

Traviloc Isocore Classic

Traviloc Isocore XL

Elemental Glue Down


Traviata Vinyl flooring is the solution that we all have been waiting for. Do you remember the “Novilon” kitchen flooring that we used to have in our parents homes. Yes not the most attractive colors and patterns BUT they did last forever. Now we have a better quality vinyl floor with Traviata Vinyl flooring ranges at affordable prices. 


This entry level vinyl floor is most suitable for most installation that you would require

  • 5 x decors in the range. Elegant decors with little variation(i.e. No Rustic look)
  • Decors designed to mimic Scandinavian Oaks.
  • Total thickness 4.5mm including 1mm EVA rubber underlay pre-attached.
  • 0.3mm wear layer – suitable for residential and Light Commercial applications.
  • Low gloss U embossed surface providing a realistic look and feel.
  • Elegant board size – 178mm x 1235mm.
  • Tiny Micro bevel for a smooth seamless look.(i.e. no painted V Groove)
  • 400m² coverage without additional transition profiles required( perimeter/vertical objects – 8mm expansion required)
  • Rigid core technology – resistant to sun/temperatures up to 50C




While most waterproof flooring available are not warranted for installation in rooms with large windows & a lot of sunlight, FIRMFIT is! Floor features outstanding stability & strength.


  • Wear Layer: Quartz Enhanced – Urethane coating
  • Warranty: 25 year Domestic / 5 year light Commercial
  • Panel Size: 1213 x 223 x 5mm
  • Box Size: 2,434m²
  • Edges Treatment: V-groove bevel
  • Weight of box: 18kg
  • Core: Extra rigid Limestone-based core
  • 100% Waterproof – 100% Plasticizer-free core – 100% recyclable green product
  • Extra resistant to impacts and indentation, as well as temperature and sunlight.
  • Rigid: Installs with minimal subfloor prep – no heavy machinery needed
  • Installs in wet rooms (Kitchens and bathrooms)
  • Installs directly on existing surfaces, no need for underlay
  • Warm and comfortable underfoot
  • Pet Friendly – Easy to clean when accidents happen
  • No acclimation required
  • Installs over 400m² without any transitions

Traviloc Allure Isocore Classic & Isocore XL Vinyl floor

Ever had something that is so revolutionary that you can believe its real …. Or ever had a vinyl floor that does not behave like a vinyl floor but is a vinyl floor……Well Traviloc Allure Isocore Vinyl Floor is a long name for durable and stable vinyl floor. The amazing difference between the Traviloc Isocore and other vinyl floors is the great stability core board that enables you to install this Luxury vinyl floor over most surfaces without the need to level the floors. In severe cases you would still need to screed the floors but only in severe cases. Yes this floor can be installed over most tile surfaces without any underlay. The Patented Drop Lock 100 click glue less floating locking system makes the installation quicker that means less time spend in your home or office. Were most other vinyl floors are water/moist resistant this is 100% water proof. Remember that you vinyl floors react severely to direct sunlight, no more worries with Traviloc Isocore vinyl floors, because of the increased stability in the core board, the boards acts like laminated floors by expanding in to the expansion gaps when exposed to the heat of direct sunlight.. Ultra-Fresh inhibits the growth of surface mould and mildew, while discouraging growth of hidden mould beneath the floor.


Traviloc Luxury Vinyl is 100% Waterproof with close cell IsoCore technology that is incorporated into each plank for superb dimensional stability. NEW & Patented DROPLOCK 100 click system – The most simple/fast and effective click system on the market. Traviloc has an Expansion / Contraction rate below 0,05% – more than 80% better than the requirements of European Standard EN 434.


  • Grade: T1
  • Wear Layer: 0,5mm with CB
  • Embossing: Natural Woodgrain (ultra low gloss)
  • Warranty: Lifetime domestic/5/10 year commercial
  • Panel Size: 1210 x 190 x 6.5mm
  • Box Size: 1.84m²
  • Edge treatment: Micro Bevelled
  • Weight of box: 18kg
  • Acoustic data – 5db EN717-2 (ISO140-8)
  • Traviloc is completely waterproof, requires no underlay and can be installed over most firm substrates. It is perfectly safe even in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas prone to moisture. 
  • Using the dramatic in-register emboss giving each plank an authentic woodgrain appearance.
  • Traviloc solid vinyl flooring is a versatile, natural looking flooring suitable for all commercial, leisure, retail and domestic applications.
  • Installation is noise, dust and odour free.
  • Good slip resistance.
  • Excellent Chemical and Stain resistance.
  • Traviloc is “Floor Score” certified for indoor air quality.



Isocore XL Vinyl floor


  • Plank dimensions: 1500mm x 220mm x 7mm (Extra long planks)
  • Embossing: Natural Embossing (New Ultra Low Gloss)
  • Case Packing: 8 Planks per case / 2.657m2
  • Edge Treatment: Micro Beveled
  • Wear Layer: 0,55mm Ceramic Bead technology
  • Warranty: Lifetime Residential warranty  5-10 year Commercial warranty
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Strong, rigid and dimensionally stable
  • Installs over most existing hard surfaces, including ceramic tile
  • No telegraphing from minor subfloor imperfections
  • No acclimatization required in residential applications
  • Ultra-Fresh Inhibits the growth of surface mould and mildew, while discouraging growth of hidden mould beneath the floor
  • Premium Attached Foam Underlayment Improves sound absorption for a quieter environment
  • Enhanced protection against scuffs and abrasions with a Tough, Transparent wear layer with Enhanced Ceramic Bead finish
  • Superior stain, fade and wear resistance
  • Recommended for Retail, Hospitality, Multi-Family, Corporate, Educational, and Residential environments



The Traviata’s Elemental glue down vinyl plank range is your solution for hardwearing requirements

Warranty: 15 year domestic / 10 year commercial

  • Panel Size: 1222 x 200 x 2,5mm
  • Box Size: 2,93m²
  • Panels per box: 12 panels
  • Weight per box: 14kg
  • Boxes per Pallet: 40 boxes
  • Wear layer: 0,55mm
  • 8 x decors are available.
  • Elemental flooring is factory-coated with a high-performance urethane surface layer with ceramic particles. This coating not only has excellent properties when it comes to care, maintenance and use, but it’s SUPER MATT EFFECT also makes the designs look extremely natural.
  • A transparent vinyl wear layer under the ceramic particles protects the design and provides outstanding wear resistance.
  • Decorative film is printed in high resolution featuring natural wood
  • Single, high density vinyl layers are combined and pressed into a dimensionally stable plank which is glued to a flat concrete subfloor.
  • High slip resistance
  • 100% Virgin Vinyl core
  • FloorScore certified for indoor air quality.
  • Meet VOC emissions requirements for use in Home, Classroom, Office and Commercial environments.
  • Completely Formaldehyde free


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